Invest in SEATON from as little as R100

Seaton, located in Sheffield Beach in KwaZulu-Natal is one of the most sought-after property locations on the North Coast. The 2 plots in Precinct H are close to the Equestrian facilities with easy access to the rest of the estate and were quickly snapped up in a lightning round of sales occurring over a single weekend.

Investors can be assured of a high anticipated capital appreciation on the property estimated at 18-20%, matching the average sales value achieved across the estate. Seaton is a premier, all-inclusive lifestyle within a stone’s throw of the coast and the area amenities within Sheffield.



Investment Type
Unit in limited partnership
Minimum Buy



Gross Return AFTER 1 YEAR

Seaton is the North Coast’s signature estate with lush, sweeping views of the natural green landscape and a captivating coastline with direct access to Christmas Bay beach.

Seaton has a long list of amenities, creating an all-inclusive neighbourhood with clubhouses, sports, restaurants and recreation for the use of residents.

The estate is situated within Salt Rock with quick access to Tiffany’s Mall and the New Salt Rock Shopping Centre. 

It is also within easy access of restaurants and recreation within the area. 

It enjoys a premium position close to the N2 and can be easily accessed via the new N2 interchange.

Those within Seaton have access to a privately managed estate with 24-hour security, including gatehouses, CCTV monitoring, tagged access and security guard presence.

Seaton has sold over 250 plots of land with over 100 homes at varying stages of completion. The sales tempo in Seaton is brisk and phases sell out within a short period after launch.

Your investment into Seaton is based on its success to date and the growth of the area. It is projected to show positive results.


The property is situated in Precinct H, the heart of Seaton Estate, near the clubhouses and a short walk from the equestrian and beach clubs. Launched in the first week of April 2024. All 67 sites were sold out within a week. These plots were well priced and were snapped up by investors and end-users. Brix was able to secure two of the best plots for our investors.


Brix views this investment as a ‘buy, hold, sell’ opportunity with the main purpose being to flip the property once the services are provided to the site which should be towards the end of 2024. Interested investors should take note of the 18-20% anticipated annual capital growth of the investment. Seaton is backed by Collins Residential – a renowned North Coast developer known for creating exceptional residential communities that combine modern design, high-quality construction, and thoughtful amenities with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

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Focused on growth

Situated in a high-demand area, Seaton provides an opportunity for substantial capital appreciation, making it a lucrative investment. The development boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, secure living environments, and access to world-class amenities, ensuring a high quality of life for residents. With a strong track record of sales success with each phase launched, Seaton’s strategic planning and commitment to excellence make it a wise decision for investors looking to maximize their returns. Brix has invested in 2 plots in Seaton in a strategic move to maximise returns for our investors.