Experience the pinnacle of modern living at the Fleurhof Motse Project, where your aspirations meet innovation in the heart of Johannesburg. Nestled between the lush landscapes of Florida and the vibrant pulse of Soweto, this prestigious development invites you to embrace a life without compromise.


Elegant Residences: A Fractionalized Approach to Modern Living

Embark on a journey of sophistication with our selection of 243 contemporary units, now available through fractional ownership. Ranging from spacious three-bedroom family homes to sleek one-bedroom apartments, each residence is a sanctuary of style, designed for the discerning individual.

Retail Reimagined
Step outside your door into the convenience of lakeside shopping. Our 1000 sqm retail centre caters to all your needs, setting the stage for a bustling community hub by the water’s edge.

A Green Tomorrow
With ample green spaces, our development is not just a place to live but a playground for life. Whether it’s a morning jog or an evening stroll, nature is always within reach.

Safety & Security
Peace of mind is part of the package. Benefit from 24-hour security and perimeter fencing, ensuring a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

Sustainable Living
A commitment to the environment is at our core. Stay tuned for our holistic solar solution, promising a self-sustaining community that’s as kind to the planet as it is to its residents.

Strategic Location
Fleurhof Motse is more than a residence; it’s a statement. With Fleurhof Drive connecting you to the essence of Johannesburg, your home is a gateway to both the serenity of suburbia and the energy of city life.

A Vision Brought to Life
Developed by Amari Managed Services and Calgro M3, leaders in innovative urban living, this project is a testament to excellence and expertise. Join us as we not only build homes but forge communities.

Invest in Tomorrow, Today
This is more than a home; it’s an opportunity. We are tokenizing the Fleurhof Motse Project, offering a unique chance to be part of a development that’s shaping the landscape of Johannesburg.

Elevate your lifestyle, connect with history, and invest in a community that grows with you. The Fleurhof Motse Project isn’t just a place to live—it’s where life thrives.

Introducing Amari Managed Services: The Architects of Community and Innovation

Amari Managed Services stands at the forefront of The Fleurhof Motse Project, embodying a philosophy of transformation and progress in the realm of urban development. As a collective of top-tier consultants based in Johannesburg, Amari has cemented its reputation in spearheading projects that resonate with the pulse of the city’s diverse communities. Their approach goes beyond the physical construction of living spaces, focusing on the creation of environments that foster growth, connection, and a higher standard of living. With a keen eye for strategic locations and a commitment to excellence, Amari Managed Services excels in navigating the complex landscape of Fund-Raising, Design, Build, and Management. Their role in developing The Fleurhof Motse Project is a testament to their vision of bringing premium, sustainable, and inclusive living solutions to South Africa, making them not just developers, but pioneers of a future where community and quality of life are in perfect harmony.