Invest in Renewable Energy in South Africa and Get 125% Back on Your Investment – South Africa's Tax Incentive Paves the Way to Energy Independence!

Section 12BA of the Income Tax Act Empowers Investors to Earn Big While Alleviating the Country’s Energy Crisis

South Africa, a nation plagued by load shedding and struggling with an energy crisis, has taken a bold step to combat the power woes and encourage investments in renewable energy. In a groundbreaking move, the South African government introduced Section 12BA of the Income Tax Act, offering a remarkable 125% first-year tax deduction for investors contributing to renewable energy projects.

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Be a Part of Rescuing South Africa’s Energy Future

Section 12BA’s powerful tax incentives open doors for investors to actively participate in reshaping South Africa’s energy landscape. By embracing renewable energy opportunities, investors not only gain substantial returns but also contribute to alleviating the energy crisis and safeguarding the nation’s economic stability. By leveraging Section 12BA and investing in the Renewable Energy Projects on SchindlersX, individuals and companies can play an instrumental role in securing a brighter and more sustainable future for South Africa’s energy needs.