Integrity Officer
Maurice Crespi

The Integrity Officer serves as a point of contact for token purchasers, answering inquiries, providing guidance, and addressing any concerns or issues they may have. They facilitate effective communication between the marketplace and the users to enhance transparency and trust. In case of disputes between token purchasers and sellers, the Integrity Officer acts as a mediator and facilitator. They review the evidence provided by both parties, conduct investigations if necessary, and work towards resolving the conflict in a fair and unbiased manner.

Maurice Crespi is the integrity officer on this project.

Maurice is an experienced legal practitioner with over 25 years’ experience and a sound knowledge of commercial, property, labour, IP, tax, corporate and Fintech law. He is a highly experienced and established corporate litigation attorney with several reported judgments in both the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court and has been a partner of Schindlers Attorneys since 1998.

Maurice provides guidance to international banks, companies, governments, NGOs and other global pillars of society in respect of the legal and tech gauntlet that is required to become competitive in the fourth industrial revolution.

In 2017, Maurice founded the first blockchain department in South Africa, which quickly became a go-to destination for clients seeking legal solutions for their blockchain needs. His unique approach encompasses both the legal and technological aspects of blockchain, providing clients with comprehensive advice on developing tokens, wallets, exchanges, NFTs, and other blockchain-related matters.

He specializes in what he calls “Crypto 3.0”, the intersection of technology and law, which involves tokenization of real-world assets, NFTs that transfer legal rights, security and utility token offerings, and fractionalization of property using NFTs or fungible tokens.

Maurice is currently deep learning Machine Learning at Stanford University, Unity Development at UC San Diego, Crypto/Blockchain at Princeton and Mixed Reality at the University of London.

Maurice is an accomplished speaker and has been invited to speak at various conferences around the world, including the Nordic Blockchain Conference in Copenhagen and the Noah Conference in Zurich. He has also founded the South African Institute of Blockchain Practitioners, a leading association that provides training and certification programs for blockchain professionals.

He also holds a certificate of accreditation as a Court Aligned and Commercial Mediator from the University of Cape Town.

Through his contributions to the blockchain industry, Maurice has played a crucial role in advancing the legal framework for emerging technologies, making him a true pioneer in the field of blockchain law.