Carbon Neutral Ventures


Carbon Neutral Ventures (CNV), is a joint venture company alliance between Schindlers Digital Assets and Green Carbon Standard (GCS), teaming a partnership to position ourselves as a leader in the Sustainable Carbon Market Revolution.

Investing in CNV will ensure your position in our cutting-edge Blockchain as a Service, (BaaS) software company. This will enable you to be a part of the Green revolution that will shape the future of Carbon Credit solutions. With our deep expertise in blockchain technology and legal compliance, we offer a transformative platform that maximizes ROI for investors and will drive sustainable software development worldwide.

The Problem: Climate Change and Carbon Emissions

The global challenge of climate change demands effective solutions, and carbon emissions are a significant contributor. However, the lack of a standardized and transparent system for measuring, reporting, and verifying carbon emissions hinders progress in achieving emission reduction goals. CNV recognizes this gap and aims to revolutionize Carbon Credit markets, providing investors with innovative opportunities to participate in green initiatives.

The Solution: Carbon Neutral Ventures – A Game-Changing Partnership

CNV leverages the power of SchindlersX marketplace, where investors can Tokenize real-world assets, including renewable energy projects, and participate in the booming Carbon Credit market.

Your Impact: Shaping a Sustainable Future

By investing in CNV, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. Our partnerships with renewable energy projects, along with verified Carbon Credits, empower you to make a tangible impact on the fight against climate change while enjoying substantial ROI on your investments.


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Empower Climate Solutions Today for Net Zero 2030 and 2050


The CNV Macro Overview Redefining Carbon Accounting.

CNV will empower Net Zero targets through BaaS solutions and drive sustainable software development for environmental impact with high ROI. 

THE 1ST PRODUCTS: The GreenImpact Calculator & Tokenized Green Bonds

At the heart of CNV‘s innovation lies the GreenImpact Calculator & Tokenized Green Bonds. This comprehensive product will empower businesses and individuals to measure, track, and trace their carbon emissions accurately. By providing real-time data and analytics, the GreenImpact Calculator enables stakeholders to make informed decisions and streamline their carbon offset strategies effectively. 

SERVICE: The CNV Consultancy, Carbon Accounting & Legal Compliance Portal

To navigate the complex landscape of carbon accounting and legal compliance, CNV offers expert consultancy services. Our team of professionals ensures businesses follow the correct guidelines, reducing costs, and maximizing TAX Benefits while achieving stable carbon credit yields. With a focus on regulatory compliance, CNV will guarantee peace of mind and confidence in every transaction. 

PLATFORM: The CNV Exchange, Carbon Certificates & Public Ledger

The CNV Exchange will ensure a secure and transparent system for trading Carbon Credits. Powered by blockchain technology, the platform will ensure Carbon Credits are real, traceable, and not subject to double-counting through our CNV Carbon-as-a-Service (CaaS). 

By Fostering trust and credibility, CNV will unlock a new era of sustainable investing and Global Carbon Neutrality.

the market

Net Zero Targets in a Thriving Carbon Market with Exponential Growth.

As of 2023, the Global Carbon Market Cap is estimated at $100 billion. The Market is expected to reach $2.68 Trillion by 2028 at a CAGR of 18.23%.

The demand for effective carbon accounting solutions is at an all-time high.

CNV recognizes this immense opportunity and positions itself as a pivotal player in the carbon market. By offering innovative BaaS software services, we will enable companies to navigate the complexities of carbon accounting and achieve their Net Zero ambitions efficiently.

Through the GreenImpact Calculator & Data Centre, businesses and individuals will be able to calculate their CO2 footprint, offset their emissions through our Credible CNV Carbon Credits, and determine their TAX Benefits, in one automated application.

Our consultancy services further enhance the value proposition, ensuring businesses comply with regulatory guidelines and unlock TAX benefits like for South Africans with Section 12BA -125% first-year tax deduction.

As the carbon market continues to expand, CNV offers an unparalleled opportunity for investors to tap into the green revolution.

By streamlining the Carbon Credit trading process through the CNV Exchange, we instil trust and transparency in the market, attracting global investors seeking sustainable and credible investment opportunities. This will align their portfolios for sustainable investments while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our Objectives

Net Zero Targets with BaaS Software Solutions.

CNV is a pioneering BaaS software company with our primary focus on developing Applications and Decentralized Applications (dApps) with APIs for modern carbon accounting protocols. At the center of the dApps development will be the CNV Green Carbon Standard (GCS), an Open-Source protocol. This will ensure the ownership and scalability of our business model.

Embracing an API-first approach, CNV will ensure that our powerful tools are accessible to businesses of all sizes and individuals from diverse backgrounds. We envision a future where carbon accounting and sustainable initiatives are within reach for everyone, driving us closer to a more inclusive and eco-conscious global ecosystem.

Our API-first business model is a sustainable and scalable approach that will create a symbiotic relationship between software providers and developers, fostering innovation, expanding reach, and driving revenue growth, which ultimately contributes to profitable business structures.

Key factors of the API-first business model are:

Monetization Opportunities

Ecosystem Expansion

Innovation and Speed


Flexible Business Models

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Reduced Development Costs

Competitive Edge

At the heart of CNVs objectives is the commitment to shaping a more sustainable future for generations to come. By leveraging the transformative potential of blockchain technology, strategic partnerships, global funding opportunities, and a vibrant community of like-minded investors and eco-conscious individuals we can only be successful.


Net Zero Targets with BaaS Software Solutions.

Redefining Sustainability Through Tokenized Green Bonds.

CNV will Transform Green Finance through the Schindlers Digital Assets Marketplace by Tokenizing Green Bonds. This will present an unprecedented leap toward realizing sustainable initiatives. Drawing upon our pioneering expertise in blockchain technology and sustainable investment, we are orchestrating the merger of financial innovation and environmental responsibility.

Tokenized Green Bonds Key Pillars:

Enhanced Efficiency and Accessibility:

Our digital transformation of Green Bonds eliminates intermediary complexities, streamlining transactions and opening doors for a wider spectrum of investors to contribute meaningfully to green projects.

Transparency and Accountability:

The immutable nature of blockchain guarantees the transparency and traceability of all Green Bond transactions. This empowers investors to confidently track fund usage, ensuring their investment directly fuels impactful sustainability endeavors.

Amplified Impact:

Tokenization allows for fractional ownership, enabling investors to participate in multiple Green Bond projects, magnifying their collective influence, and encouraging diversified sustainable portfolios.

Global Engagement:

Beyond borders, blockchain technology attracts international investors, fostering a collaborative global front to tackle environmental challenges. CNV exponentially magnifies the commitment to a greener planet.

CNV is entering a new era of sustainable finance, offering a platform for individuals, corporations, and institutions to invest in projects that forge environmental change while embracing the benefits of financial innovation.

Our Green Projects include:

Renewable Energy Solar Farms

Green Renewable Energies and BTC Mining


Assuring Carbon Credit Integrity with the CNV Carbon-as-a-Service (CaaS) integration.

Our CNV CaaS goes beyond innovation, it is our commitment to transparency, credibility, and real impact.

CNV has set out a stringent selection process to ensure our curated selection of Tokenized Carbon Credit Certificates from globally trusted verifiers like Gold Standard, Biofix, Puro Earth, and currently the only entity in the world able to Tokenize Carbon Credits from ICROA-accredited registries through our strategic partnership.

Carbon Credits can be used to offset your CO2 emissions, as an investment vehicle diversifying your portfolio, and or as part of your Green Bond structure. By leveraging Blockchain technology CNV will ensure that every Carbon Credit embedded into your offset or investment holds unwavering integrity.

CNV will ensure tamper-proof nature guarantees, the security of transactions, preventing double-counting, and the fractionalization of Carbon Credit Certificates down to the minutest detail. CNV can currently do Manual Footprint Calculations for clients’ carbon footprint using our Climate Data and Technology Partners 48 600 emission data inputs. Our MVP GreenImpact Calculator will start the automation process and be our 1st product for the market.

Our partnerships are a testament to the strength of collaboration and partnerships globally. This includes esteemed carbon registries and project developers where project supply chains can meticulously be verified for the authenticity of every credit.

Our OTC Carbon Credits include:

Social Carbon


Fazenda Crystal


Invest in Renewable Energy in South Africa and Get 125% Back on Your Investment.

South African Investors (other countries to follow) can Empower their investment strategies in Renewable Energy Projects by harnessing the potential of Section 12BA – 125% first-year tax deduction.

With Carbon Neutral Ventures you will align your investments with impactful TAX incentives while ensuring the utmost credibility and integrity in the realm of Carbon Credits.

The CNV partnership with SchindlersX, and Schindlers Attorneys, offers a curated selection of Section 12BA-compliant Renewable Energy Projects. This collaboration ensures that each project adheres to the legal requisites of Section 12BA, cementing your investment’s eligibility for the remarkable 125% first-year tax deduction.

CNV with Schindlers Attorneys’ legal prowess meticulously vet and curate these projects to guarantee their alignment with sustainable practices and Carbon Credit authenticity. Your investment not only contributes to your financial growth but also directly advances South Africa’s journey towards a cleaner and more energy-resilient future.

As you seize the power of Section 12BA through investments with CNV, you secure a two-fold advantage:

Substantial financial returns and

Active participation in driving renewable energy solutions.

CNV and SchindlersX Partnership serves as a vital link between connecting investors and Section 12BA compliant Renewable Energy Projects.


CNV will be elevating Software Development Excellence by harnessing 17 years of experience, in a partnership where software solutions redefine industry standards. Our commitment to quality, security, and innovation sets us apart as the partner of choice for our clients and CNVs visionary carbon accounting tools.

The CNV software development side of the partnership will ensure that our forthcoming projects – the CarbonImpact Calculator, advanced Carbon Accounting Apps, dApps, Green Carbon Standard Open-Source Protocol, and tailored client Carbon Accounting Tools – are poised to revolutionize carbon accounting.

The CNV software development arm endeavors to develop carbon accounting tools that will be meticulously designed, rigorously tested, and fortified with the latest security measures, ensuring seamless functionality and uncompromised data security.

Through this strategic collaboration, we ensure that our developments will empower your carbon accounting journey. Our consultation process encompasses our Software, Carbon Credits, Tokenization, Green Bonds, TAX Benefits, and Legal services.

CNV will analyze client’s existing Carbon Credit portfolio, identify gaps or discrepancies, and aid with documentation, verification, and utilization.

Our packages are priced on the complexity and size of the company, the number of data inputs required, and the scope of Carbon Credit reconciliation.

The CNV Consultancy Services are the starting point of the CNVs revenue stream and a strategic point to prepare our clients in alignment with the Macro CNV vision.

Development and Consultation

SPACE Metaverse


CNV Targets Net Zero

Our Macro roadmap aligns our journey of Carbon Neutral Ventures with the global milestones of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030 and 2050, emphasizing technology, partnerships, and innovation to drive positive environmental change.

Phase 1:

Laying the Foundations (Year 1-2)

Define Mission and Strategy (Year 1):

Establish a clear mission to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030.

Develop a comprehensive strategy that integrates Carbon Credit management, renewable energy investment, and innovative software solutions.

Form Strategic Partnerships (Year 1-2):

Scale integrations with Thallo for a consistent supply of Carbon Credits, with Livex for expert software development and enhance the CNV Data centre through ClimateIQ and Chainlink Climate Data Oracles. Collaborate with environmental organizations, financial institutions, and technology experts to strengthen our ecosystem.

Phase 2:

Accelerating Transition (Year 3-5)

Launch Carbon Accounting Tools (Year 3):

Introduce user-friendly software tools for businesses and individuals to manage Carbon Credits, measure emissions, and make informed decisions.

Expand Renewable Energy Investments (Year 4):

Utilize the Section 12BA incentives to facilitate increased investments in renewable energy projects through SchindlersX and Carbon Neutral Ventures. Extend partnerships with renewable energy providers.

Develop Green Carbon Standard (Year 4-5):

Establish the Green Carbon Standard Open-Source Protocol, facilitating transparency and credibility in carbon credit management.

Phase 3: Leading Towards Net Zero 2030 (Year 6-9)

Widespread Platform Adoption (Year 6):

Achieve a substantial user base for the Carbon Neutral Ventures platform, significantly contributing to carbon emissions reduction and renewable energy adoption.

Enhance CarbonImpact Calculator (Year 7):

Upgrade the CarbonImpact Calculator with AI capabilities, offering personalized carbon management insights to users.

International Expansion (Year 8):

Extend CNV‘s reach to global markets by collaborating with international partners, expanding the platform’s influence in leading climate change. 

Phase 4: Road to Net Zero 2050 (Year 10-20)

Continued Innovation (Year 10-15):

Leverage emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT to optimize carbon credit management and enhance renewable energy efficiency.

Global Advocacy (Year 16-20):

Reaffirm CNV as a global advocate for sustainable practices, shaping policies and influencing businesses worldwide to accelerate the transition to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Phase 5: Sustaining the Impact (Year 21 and beyond)

Maintaining Leadership (Year 21+):

Cement Carbon Neutral Ventures’ position as a leader in sustainable solutions, continually refining its tools, expanding its impact, and inspiring others to follow.

Legacy and Beyond:

Implement a legacy strategy to ensure the CNV platform’s enduring impact beyond 2050, empowering future generations to carry forward the mission of sustainability.


Invest in the Forefront of Carbon Credit Technology with CNV

Carbon Neutral Ventures will establish itself as a leading Blockchain Software Service Provider for the carbon accounting market.

CNV will establish itself as a pillar Marketplace for Quality Carbon Credit Certificates. We will build trust and credibility in the carbon markets through our Green Projects and Tokenized Green Bond Investments. 

Investment Opportunity:

CNV merges the Green Carbon Standard, Carbon Neutral Ventures, Thallo Carbon Credits, Schindlers Digital Assets, and the software expertise of Livex Development for substantial returns and global impact.

Market Potential:

Our integrated venture caters to the surging demand for sustainable solutions. With carbon credits, renewable energy, cutting-edge software, and more, we address multiple sectors, ensuring a vast customer base and immense opportunity.

Strategic Partnerships:

Our key partnerships solidify our project’s credibility and effectiveness. Combining Carbon Credit Certification through BaaS, we assure investors of a sound foundation and sustainable growth trajectory.

Financial Viability:

Our meticulous financial model forecasts robust revenue growth, offering investors transparent insights into potential returns across different investment levels. Funding allocation is strategically poised to empower every component’s growth.

Call to Transform:

Invest beyond profit. By investing in CNV, you seize a triple-bottom-line opportunity to drive positive change while reaping the benefits of a forward-looking, impactful venture. Your involvement is pivotal.


Structuring Cashflows for Carbon Neutral Ventures


CNV outlines a Macro view of the inflows and outflows of funds to ensure the financial sustainability of the venture.

The basic structure includes:

Initial Investment (Year 0):

Investor Capital:

Initial investment from investors to fund the establishment of CNV, covering operational costs, software development, partnership agreements, and marketing.

Operational Phase (Year 1-5):

Revenue Generation:

Income from software subscriptions, Carbon Credit sales, renewable energy project investments, and consultancy services.

Operational Costs:

Expenses related to software development, platform maintenance, salaries, marketing, legal services, traveling, and overheads.

Growth Phase (Year 6-10):

Increased Revenue:

Expanded user base and platform adoption lead to increased revenue streams.

Expansion Costs:

Expenses associated with global expansion, research and development for AI integration, and partnerships for new projects.

Maturity Phase (Year 11+):

Steady Revenue:

CNV‘s platform reaches a stable user base, generating consistent revenue from various sources.

Maintenance and Innovation:

Costs related to platform updates, customer support, and continuous improvement of software solutions.

Long-Term Sustainability (Year 21+):

Legacy Strategy:

Allocation of funds for legacy projects and initiatives to ensure CNV‘s sustainability beyond 2050.

The CNV team’s agile response to real-world performance and market conditions will be crucial for the CNV‘s success.


ROI factors for investors in Carbon Neutral Ventures

Investing in Carbon Neutral Ventures presents investors with a comprehensive range of attractive ROI factors, spanning Sustainable Growth, Renewable Energy Investments, Technology-Driven Efficiencies, Transparent and Impactful Projects, and Regulatory Advantages. CNV will ensure investors not only stand to gain financially but also contribute significantly to environmental and societal well-being.

Key Features:

Sustainable Growth:

CNV‘s focus on green finance capitalizes on the growing demand for sustainability, offering sustained profitability.

Renewable Energy:

Section 12BA-compliant projects offer energy crisis solutions and enticing ROI prospects, enhancing investor value.

Cutting-Edge Tech:

Collaborating with Livex enables innovative carbon accounting tools, reducing costs and enhancing scalability for investors.

Transparency & Impact:

Thallo’s “Carbon-as-a-Service” ensures genuine carbon credits, aligning investments with environmental impact and investor confidence.

Regulatory & Environmental Impact:

Regulatory benefits from Section 12BA and positive environmental contributions bolster ROI and societal well-being, enhancing investor appeal.